June 22, 2007

GeoTrax Sale on Fisher-Price.com

Some GeoTrax items are available at sale prices on Fisher-Price.com. Click through on this link and browse the list to find the GeoTrax items I am talking about. Or, click the links below and we will take you direct to the individual item.

Items on sale include the following:

* GeoTrax Allbright Trucking™
WAS $15.00, Now $9.99
* GeoTrax Big City RapidRail™
WAS $15.00, Now $9.99
* GeoTrax Big City Lights Center™
WAS $30.00, Now $19.99
* GeoTrax System Workin’ Roundhouse™
WAS $20.00, Now $14.99
* GeoTrax Beamtown™ Fire Station
WAS $15.00, Now $9.99
* GeoTrax Rainbow Bridge™
WAS $15.00, Now $9.99
* GeoTrax Crankin’ Round Crane™
WAS $10.00, Now $6.99
* GeoTrax Water Works Fill Co.
WAS $15.00, Now $9.99

June 20, 2007

GeoTrax New Items & Suggested Retail Prices Now on Fisher-Price.com

I was looking today and noticed all (well, almost all) the new items are on the Fisher-Price website including pictures, descriptions and suggested retail prices. Looks like the remote control sets will now cost $19.99 (bummer!!).

Here are the rest of the pricing details:
* GeoTrax Grand Central Station = $50
* GeoTrax Chop 'n Haul Sawmill = $20
* GeoTrax Rope 'n Ride Ranch = $20
* GeoTrax Remote Control Set with Bull & Bruno = $20
* GeoTrax Remote Control Set with Alpine & Will = $20
* GeoTrax Remote Control Set with Smokey & Jose = $20
* GeoTrax Remote Control Set with Knight & Sir John = $20

To learn more go to http://www.fisher-price.com/us/geotrax/, select your bandwidth speed and then click on "What's New".

June 18, 2007

Happy Father's Day - Buy The New GeoTrax Grand Central Station

Okay, maybe it is a day late for Father's Day but look what I just found on the Toys "R" Us website. You can now buy the new GeoTrax: Grand Central Terminal with Bonus. The price is $49.99.

No pictures available yet on the TRU website but you can see my previous posts--GeoTrax Grand Central Station - Pictures on Fisher Price Website and GeoTrax Grand Central Station - New Release--to learn more.

As this may sell-out quickly, I am taking a screenshot of the TRU website so no one can call me crazy if the item disappears from the site. Here it is...

Also, let me quote the product information from the page for posterity's sake.

The Grand Central Terminal offers classic GeoTrax play consumers love, but now adds new play to drive an emotional connection and enhance imaginative play with the addition of articulated figures! The set includes a main terminal building - the central hub of the action. The main concourse has lots to do; an information area with destination board, food and vending stations, and an elevator with mechanical action. Drop cargo through to the lower level, or make your way to the train yard. There are two platform areas - one for passengers and one for cargo, both connect to the upper level by an escalator and conveyor belt respectively. On the cargo platform, lift and load cargo with the crane. The set comes with a sleek, fast-moving passenger train, Sonic, and 2 attached cars. Sonic is a remote control train with sounds and forward & reverse action too. The set comes with 3 figures: Sam, the conductor, and 2 passenger figures. All figures can fit into the vehicles for a complete play experience. The set comes with 14 pieces of Snap-Lock track for multiple configurations, and cargo pieces. Also included is a bonus engine, trail car, Rail Road sign, and piece of cargo.

This looks like a great new set. I am excited to get mine...

Look for a better price on the GeoTrax Grand Central Station on eBay

June 15, 2007

Fisher-Price Plans to Launch a New GeoTrax Website

Big news...and no, I am not talking about the Thomas & Friends wooden railway vehicles and wooden train set components recall (Although I would say that is some big news also). I just noticed that on Fisher-Price's GeoTrax website, they have announced plans to release a new GeoTrax Website.

I would say that too is a good sign they are committed to continuing development of the GeoTrax line of toys. So on the record I would like to make a product request. Japan has some great looking trains (Bullet, Express, Subway & Regular). Can you please make a Mr. Tanaka & Bullet Remote Control set? Thank you Fisher-Price.

June 13, 2007

GeoTrax Grand Central Station - Pictures on Fisher Price Website

I think this is the set that most of us are drooling over...be it consciously or subconsciously. The Grand Central Station set looks like a ton of fun and it introduces the new parallel switch track piece--enabling a new approach to track layout plans. Finally, see some colored images of the new release.

Image Source: fisher-price.com

The set also looks plenty interactive, keeping kids entertained with hours of fun...

Image Source: fisher-price.com

More pictures available:
* Close-up of the Grand Central Station remote control train
* Loading up the train car with luggage/cargo
* Overhead shot of the entire Grand Central Station set
* Shot of a kid playing with the Grand Central Station set

Alpine & Will - Pictures on Fisher-Price.com

It seems there has been some confusion about whether the new figures shipping with GeoTrax sets would be able to ride in the trains. There are now pictures on Fisher Prices website that answer this question.

Image source: Fisher-Price.com

Here is a picture of the entire Alpine & Will set and here is a close-up of the remote controller.

Bull & Bruno - Pictures on Fisher-Price.com

Looks like Fisher-Price has posted some pictures of the new sets...here is one of Bull and Bruno.

Picture Source: Fisher-Price.com

June 3, 2007

GeoTrax Rope n' Ride Ranch - New Release

Yee-haw! It's cowboy meets GeoTrax. This set comes with Tex and Old Rust...Tex is a bull rider and this set comes with an interactive bull-riding station. Tex and Old Rust can rope and ride horses and transport wherever they need to go.

Buy the GeoTrax Rope n' Ride Ranch

This set comes with the following items:

* A stable
* Bucking bull station with a bull, platform & crank
* Old Rust, the engine, and a flatbed car
* Tex the people figure
* A horse
* A hay bale
* 4 curved tracked pieces (a complete loop)

Tex can sit and ride inside Old Rust the train -- see links to pictures below!

Here are some more pictures of the set you can look at on the fisher-price.com website:

* The complete Rope n' Ride Ranch set, Part I
* The complete Rope n' Ride Ranch set, Part II
* Tex rides in Old Rust
* Tex, Old Rust & the horse
* Real bull-riding action, Part I
* Real bull-riding action, Part II

GeoTrax Chop n' Haul Sawmill - New Release

This looks like a cool set to satisfy the little lumberjack in all of our kids. With the Chop n' Haul Sawmill you can turn trees into lumber and then assist the lumberjack people load them on the heavy-duty logging train. The sawmill is interactive with a saw that really spins as they chop wood and get them ready to go to town.

Buy the GeoTrax Chop n' Haul Sawmill

It looks like Fisher-Price, along with adding figures to the sets, are also giving their trains names now...hmmm....I wonder where they came up with that idea? ;) This set comes with two figures and a train (Miter, Chopper and Stumpy the engine).

The set includes the following:

* 4 pieces of curved track (complete loop)
* Interactive sawmill
* Stumpy the engine & a flatbed car
* Miter and Chopper the people figures
* Pine trees, logs, stacks of lumber

Miter & Chopper can also sit and ride inside the engine.

Fisher-Price has added some pictures to their website if you would like to check them out.

* Picture of the complete GeoTrax Chop n' Haul set
* Close up of Miter, Chopper & Stumpy (the engine)
* The Sawmill in action, Part I, The Sawmill in action, Part II