July 31, 2008

GeoTrax Blast-Through Barn with GeoAir Expansion Track

Here is some more information on the GeoTrax Blast-Through Barn set which has just been released.

GeoTrax Blast-Through Barn with GeoAir Expansion Track

According to the Mattel website, the set comes with the barn complete with swinging "break through" doors. It also comes with a push-along pick-up truck--although I am not seeing it in any of the pictures I have seen. You will also get an articulated farmer figure and four pieces of GeoAir track.

If you don't already have it, the Gritty & Farmer Earl (w/Pig) set is a nice compliment to the Blast-Through Barn set.

The following pictures are available on the Fisher-Price website:

* Blast-Through Barn & the GeoAir Loopy Loco RC Bi-Plane
* Blast-Through Barn complete set showing tracks separate
* Blast-Through Barn with Train passing through the barn

You can also see a few more details by checking out the Blast-Through Barn instruction sheet.

Where to buy the Blast-Through Barn:
* Amazon.com
* Target
* Walmart

July 28, 2008

GeoTrax Fly-By Bridge with GeoAir Expansion Track

I thought I would share a few more details about the new bridge being released for your GeoTrax collection. The GeoAir Fly-by Bridge will be the first bridge to incorporate the GeoAir air tracks system and allow the remote control planes to fly loops around the bridge. The set comes with the new bridge, a little figure and four pieces of air track.

GeoTrax Fly-by Bridge with GeoAir Expansion Tracks

The following pictures are available on the Fisher-Price website:

* Fly-by Bridge & the GeoAir Blue Flash RC Jet Plane
* Fly-by Bridge complete set showing tracks separate
* Fly-by Bridge with Aero crossing the bridge

You can also see a few more details by checking out the Fly-by Bridge instruction sheet.

Where to buy the Fly-by Bridge:
* Amazon.com
* Target
* Walmart

July 27, 2008

GeoAir Coming Soon -- New Marketing Page on Fisher-Price.com

There is now a bit more information on fisher-price.com about the upcoming GeoAir release. The best news is an image that shows the GeoAir track will connect accross the different sets so you can take a airplane from the airport to the suspension bridge through the barn and back to the airport.

July 3, 2008

GeoTrax Engineer's Tip of the Month - Do You Have One?

Last year when Fisher-Price launched the new version of the Official GeoTrax website, I noticed a feature that really caught my attention. On their track layouts page they had a little section labeled the "Engineer's Tip of the Month."

As you can see it pictured here, the idea was to have a picture and a description of some shortcut or 'hack' that would allow you to get more out of your GeoTrax sets. Using rails to span two straight pieces of track and hold them together in a way that eliminates the need for a track support (or stanchion)...now that is a cool idea, since supports can be scarce.

But that wasn't the first place this tip appeared...it came directly from you, the GeoTrax community, and has been shared several times in places like the GeoTrax Yahoo! Group and in the forums of GeoTrax World. Unfortunately, the people at Fisher-Price have only released one engineer's tip of the month in the last year - despite the fact it appears their intention was to do this once a month. Maybe this post can serve as a bit of poke to get them to jump start what could be a really interesting feature on their website.

The community has lots of great ideas like this and so I am creating this blog post as a way to give you a chance to sound off and be heard.

Do you have what you consider to be a great 'engineer's tip'? Share it with us by doing one of the following:

1. post a comment on the blog by clicking the comments link at the end of this post
2. send an email to geotraxblog {AT} gmail.com.

Let us know the details of a great GeoTrax tip you have stumbled on during your GeoTrax playtime.

GeoAir Flight #628 to GeoTown....Delayed?

Okay, apparently I got a bit ahead of myself. I love the irony of it all...it is like waiting for a friend at the airport only to learn their flight has been delayed again...only in this case, we are waiting for the airport to arrive.

Flight Delayed

Latest status on Amazon for the release of the GeoTrax Airport reads,

"Currently unavailable.
We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock."

I suspect we will be waiting until August for all the new GeoAir sets to be released. Amazon currently lists a release date of August 18th for the following sets:

* GeoAir RC Plane
* GeoAir Expansion Set

And they are on sale for $10 off right now.

Now, let's hope they don't change the gate number...