March 27, 2008

GeoTrax Track Layout Ideas - Quick Tip #3

Parallel Switches & Jumbo Curves

It has been a while since I posted a new track layout idea. I was excited to see Fisher-Price release the parallel switch track piece with the Grand Central Station set. Here is a layout idea you might want to try. It uses parallel switches and jumbo curves to create a passing siding for your trains.

Here is another shot of the layout with the pieces separated.

If you are interested in making this layout, you need the following track pieces:

* Jumbo Curve
* Parallel Switch

Or you can find them bundled in these starter sets:

* GeoTrax Motorized Starter Set (w/ 2 Jumbo Curves)
* Grand Central Station (w/ 2 Parallel Switches)

March 18, 2008

Want the GeoTrax Switchin' Signs Covered Bridge & 14 Track Prieces for $22?

Take advantage of the great deal going on this week at Toys R Us. Don't be confused by the sales lingo, basically if you buy a Fisher-Price item for $19.99 or more, you can get a second Fisher-Price item FREE priced up to $19.98.

Toys R Us Deal

Which basically means to maximize the deal you should buy an item for exactly $19.99 (Like the mixed track pack in the picture above)and then get a second item FREE which will probably be $15.99 or maybe $16.99 (like the Switchin' Signs Covered Bridge)...I think the next price point goes above the 19.98 threshold ($19.99).

Or if the items I suggest don't interest you there are alternatives, and you may have even more choices if you hurry into your local TRU store as the online inventory appears a little low:

$19.99 Items include the following:
Track Pack Exclusive at TRU
Chop 'N Haul Sawmill
Rope 'N Ride Ranch
Nature Sounds Flexible Tunnel Bridge
Forward and Reverse Remotes with People
Lift 'N Load Quarry

$15.99 Items include the following:
Various Track Packs
High Chimes Clock Tower
Switchin' Signs Covered Bridge
Siren Sounds Rescue Tower

More Insider Tips on this sale:

Tip #1 - This sale scales online, I just tried this and it appears you can buy two $19.99 items and 2 $15.99 items and you will get both $15.99 items for free.

Tip #2 - This sale might be structured differently in your local stores. I went to my local store and notice the sale as buy one Fisher-Price item priced $19.99 or more and get a second item free priced up to $19.99. So if I read that right that means this would be a simple buy one $19.99 item and get a second $19.99 item free. They also limit the sale to 1 free item per purchase...but hey, you could always come back and make a second purchase if you want to scale it.

Good Luck. Hopefully this will make some one's Easter GeoTerrific.

March 14, 2008

GeoTrax RC Set with Hauler & Big Rob - The Most Dependable Team

Time to get caught up on a few new items that were released around the end of the year. This RC set is a Truck named Hauler and Big Rob his driver.
Hauler & Big Rob- On Sale for $16.99

GeoTrax Hauler & Big Rob

When I first saw this set I noticed that the remote actually controls the middle car and not the front car. I was excited because I thought, "Wow, that would be cool to hook two remote powered cars/engines together." It would be like what you see in the real world...multiple engines linked together to pull a longer, heavier load.

This would be especially handy in the case of climbing hills when you have a longer train, which is so popular in the world of GeoTrax imagination. However, on closer examination I realized that the middle and front car appear to be permanently attached.

So Fisher-Price, if you are listening, just a little idea for you. It would be cool to have a remote powered car (with a loop on the front and a hitch on the back) that could link to another remote powered engine...for twice the pulling power.

Here is a link to the instruction sheet.

Here is a picture of the entire set on Fisher-Price's website - Hauler & Big Rob RC set

Buy the the Hauler & Big Rob set:
* eBay.

March 11, 2008

GeoTrax Grand Central Station On Sale + FREE Shipping

For anyone who might still be holding out here is another chance to get the Grand Central Station for $10 off the regular price--that's right it is only $39.99 on the Toys "R" Us website.

And if that isn't enough to get your attention you can also take advantage of Free Shipping. Just think, you don't even need to load the kids in the car, ah, nice.

I can't tell how long the sale will last. Free shipping is being offered through this Saturday.

When you buy the Grand Central Station from Toys "R" Us you also get an exclusive bonus push vehicle with an additional car, cargo piece and train crossing sign. That's about the equivalent of the add-on sets they used to sell for about $3.

Hope this will help some of you out...