February 9, 2009

GeoTrax On-the-Go Zoo - with Zoo Keeper, Animals and Push Train

You may already have take-and-go train sets if you collect Thomas or other popular train toys. Fisher-Price has now entered this market with the release of the GeoTrax On-the-Go Zoo.

The new GeoTrax On-The-Go Zoo comes with a figure 8 track layout that makes it way around a zoo setting playmat. The set folds in half and has a handle for easy carrying. It is the easiest setup yet...just pull it out, unfold it and your ready to start playing.

The set comes with the 'Wildest' team made up of Tafari the train and Terry the zookeeper. You also get a lion and elephant animal figure and a bundle of hay to feed to the animals. Tafari and Terry can drive around the loop track and dump hay from the train car into the animals' pens.

The fold an go system is pretty cool as it comes with the attached play mat with pictures of hippos and crocodiles and a wooden walkway. There is a special compartment where you store away your play pieces and prevent them from getting lost while you are on the go.

The switch track prices at the top of the loop allow you to also connect this with the rest of your track and incorporate the zoo as a part of a larger GeoTrax town.

Here are some pictures available on the Fisher-Price website...

* Zoo keeper and train
* Train delivering food to the animals
* Zoo keeper rides along inside the train
* Complete set of everything that's included
* Set folds in half with room to store accessories
* Comes with a convienent, built-in handle

Buy it today: The GeoTrax On-the-Go Zoo.

Here are some pictures of the actual packaging

(front of the box)

(back of the box)