November 30, 2012

GeoTrax Super Friends Sets - Batman, Joker & Green Lantern

Super Heroes continue to be extremely popular with kids. GeoTrax are getting harder to find in retail stores so I wanted to post some information on where you can find these newer Super Friends sets if you are looking.

First, here is a complete list of all the GeoTrax Super Friends sets I am aware of:

Remote Controls Sets
 * The Joker's Engine - Turbo RC Set
 * Batman's Engine - Turbo RC Set
 * Green Lantern Engine - Turbo RC Set
 * Batmobile - Turbo RC Set

Track Packs
 * Batman Track Pack
 * Joker Track Pack

Other Super Friends Sets
 * Batman Batcave Remote Control Set
 * Batman Gotham City Set
 * Jokers Lair