July 22, 2007

GeoTrax High Chimes Clock Tower - New Blue Version Released

The original Sky High Suspension Bridge was released in red, but a special blue version of the bridge was available to those who purchased the Deluxe Elevation set exclusively on Fisher-Price.com.

Throughout the GeoTrax user community the blue Suspension Bridge became highly sought after. You can read a forum discussion on GeoTraxWorld regarding a blue bridge posted on eBay including its final auction price.

Could this phenomenon have anything to do with Fisher Price's decision to release a blue clock tower? Funny how just changing the color of something can make it exciting again. Fisher Price is ready to re-release the High Chimes Clock Tower...

GeoTrax High Chimes Clock Tower (Blue & Red)

A closer look at the clock reveals a few other small modifications from the original design. The new clock comes with a play figure and the windows on the third level have been transformed into a small balcony providing a place for the clock keeper to stand. It looks like FP has also gotten rid of the the rotating dial towards the top of the clock that was used to change the musical tune being played by the clock.

GeoTrax High Chimes Clock Tower Instruction Sheet

Learn more about the GeoTrax High Chimes Clock Tower by reading the instruction sheet. You can also see the following colored images on the Fisher Price website:

* Blue GeoTrax High Chimes Clock Tower
* Close-up of the balcony window and clock keeper
* High Chimes Clock Tower and Alpine the Train

Keep an eye out for the new High Chimes Clock Tower on eBay (Wow, look how much the old clock towers are selling for).

July 12, 2007

Win GeoTrax - Train Photo Contest on TrainDad.com

Here is a chance to win free GeoTrax from the owner of the website TrainDad.com. Just take a moment to register and add your picture to the website to enter the photo contest.

Prizes include the following: a choice of a GeoTrax Road and Rail remote control Bulldozer, Dump Truck, or Rainbow Suspension Bridge (which comes with a 1950's hot rod and a yacht).

There will be two winners selected. One "People's Choice" prize for the picture with the most votes, and one "TrainDad" prize awarded to Train Dad's personal favorite.

This was taken at the S & S Shortline Train Park (and Museum) in Farmington, Utah a couple years back. This is a great place to go with your kids if you are ever in the Salt Lake City area.

GeoTrax Beamtown Fire Station - Re-release

While we are on the subject of fire trucks...it appears that a number of GeoTrax sets are being re-released to accomodate the new GeoTrax figures/people. The GeoTrax Beamtown Fire Station is one of those sets...and I am not sure that I actually like the new set compared to the old.

I have placed the old (version 1) and new (version 2) versions of this set side by side in an image so you can quickly compare the differences.

Here are the differences I notice...

1. With the new set you don't get the split track piece -- this is a big negative, we all love and need more track.
2. I like the old version of the fire truck better, it looks more realistic, the new one looks almost cartoonish
3. "Hey, who took the siren off the top of the fire station roof?"
4. The old set has decals on the fire station portraying fire fighters in action...the new set has open windows. I don't have a strong opinion either way on this.
5. Slight color/design modifications made to the fire station...I think I like the old design just a touch better.
6. The new set comes with a fire fighter figure that can ride along in the fire truck...this is cool, although, I still think I would rather have a track piece especially this unique one.

The old GeoTrax Beamtown Fire Station set is now selling for only $10 at places like Toys R' Us -- I would pick one up at this great price if you don't already have one. You can even check out a demo of the GeoTrax Beamtown Fire Station.

Or, search for an even better deal on the Beamtown Fire Station on eBay.

GeoTrax Smokey & Jose Remote Control Fire Truck Set - New Release

I just noticed when I started to prepare this post that the product ID for this new GeoTrax fire truck is L5911...coincidence? I think not!

This is the coolest GeoTrax fire truck set yet as it is designed for interactive play with Jose, the action figure that comes along with it. Jose, the fireman, can ride inside the cab of fire truck. He can also fire the water cannon that swivels in place on the water gun car.

Read more about the set in the GeoTrax Smokey & Jose Instruction Sheet on the mattel customer service website. You can also see colored images of the set by clicking on any of the following links:

* The complete Smokey and Jose fire truck set
* Remote control action
* Jose rides in the cab of the fire engine
* Smokey the engine can also be pushed along the track
* Jose shoots the water cannon
* Smokey the engine and Jose the fireman

Search for the Smokey & Jose Fire Truck RC Set now on eBay.

July 5, 2007

GeoTrax Knight & Sir John Remote Control Train Set - New Release

Pip pip, cheerio...it's James Bond meets GeoTrax in this newly released remote control train set. According to the "New Train in Town" video on fisher-price.com Knight is supposed to be one of the faster GeoTrax trains--although I doubt any of that actually applies to the actual toys.

Knight & Sir John--New Train in Town Video

The owner of maxgeotrax.com did an excellent job of super-sleuthing this one out on the Fisher Price Australia website. Here is a shot of the complete Knight & Sir John train set.

Knight & Sir John Remote Control Train Set

Here is a link to the GeoTrax Knight & Sir John Instruction Sheet. You can also see colored pictures of the set online, the following are available:

* Knight the train, Sir John and the remote control
* Knight & Sir John in action
* Sir John rides in the engine compartment
* Sir John in the sleeper car
* Knight being pushed along the tracks
* Close-up of Knight & Sir John

Search for Knight & Sir John on eBay.