June 23, 2008

GeoTrax GeoAir - Coming in June & August?

It looks like we will have to wait only a few more days for the much anticipated release of the new line of GeoTrax...well, at least for the Airport that is. If you are paying any attention to these items on Amazon.com you will notice they have now added a release date for June 25th for the airport and the other sets are set for August.
GeoTrax GeoAir: Captain Jim and Jumbo
* GeoAir Airport
* GeoAir RC Plane
* GeoAir Expansion Set

Consult Amazon for the latest dates as I assume these are subject to change.

Fisher-Price has also added more images to their site for the new GeoTrax Airport. Take a look at the following pictures:

* Child playing with the GeoAir Airport set
* Jumbo attached to the sky rail
* New airplane remote controller
* Captain Jim riding the elevator up to the control tower
* Sky track connect method illustrated
* Another one of Jumbo and Captain Jim