January 31, 2009

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In 2009 I plan to do more to establish a community feel on the GeoTrax Train Blog. More details and tips will be coming on this subject. You may have noticed in the side navigation menu that I have added a place where you, the reader, can make it known to everyone that you are a reader of the GeoTrax Blog.

If you haven't done so you can get started by clicking here. Becoming a follower will help you stay in touch and know when new content is published. It will also help you to build relationships with other members of the GeoTrax community.

Reminder: This blog is NOT owned or managed by Fisher-Price. It is an Unofficial Blog maintained by a GeoTrax fan.

January 18, 2009

My Mistake Could be Your Gain...but Hurry....

Check out the auction now.

I have a GeoTrax Track Pack auction running on eBay that ends in about 2 hours. I noticed I made a huge error and forgot a space between one of the major keywords in the title when listing it. So what this means is when people search on the term 'track' this auction can't be found. I have hid this auctions from 100s of eBay users.

Just thought I would point this out for my loyal readers of the blog so if anyone wants a good deal on some GeoTrax Track and a DVD (this picture shows all the things included in this auction. This auction would usually close with the winning bid between $18 and $25 dollars and right now it is at $6.49.

Check out the auction now.

Auction ends at 5:37 PST.

January 8, 2009

Look What I Found in my Closet...GeoTrax Fans

Here is a link to my special Deluxe Elevation Chrome Train auction.

It is the new year and we are trying to clean some things up around our place and get the house in order. As I result I have been cleaning out my GeoTrax closet. While doing so I found I have a new, unused RC Train from the GeoTrax Deluxe Elevation set released back in 2004.

This train engine is made our of the same mold as the Pacific Chief. It has a great chrome paint job with the flashy, red and yellow z-stripe down the side of it. If comes with the same train cars as the Tracktown Railway remote.

The remote wand is also very flashy.

After quite a bit of thought I have decided to put it up for auction. Keep checking back for details. The auction will most likely start this Sunday (1/11) and run for 7 days.

Here is a link to my special Deluxe Elevation Chrome Train auction.

January 2, 2009

GeoTrax Track Layout Ideas - Elevated Switch

This is GeoTrax Track Layout Idea--Quick Tip #4.

When designing new track layouts you may have discovered it can be a bit tricky to use your switch tracks with the stanchions (supports) as the track doesn't have the right groves cut on the under side. I have been playing around with a few ideas--why don't you give these a try.

The first idea uses a T-track piece with three bridges...I just eliminate the stanchion altogether and the T-track connects nicely to the elevated bridges.

The second idea uses a right or left Y-switch track and connects again to other elevated structures--completely removing the stanchion from the mix. I have tried to give you an idea of other elevated structures you might use in case you don't have three bridges. In my example below you will see I use a bridge, a curved ramp piece and the high chimes clock tower.

The other trick to note is that you will need to use a straight half piece of track to connect the switch to whatever elevated structure you use.

If you are looking to buy some of these pieces here are a few recommendations:

* The T-track switch comes with the GeoTrax City Track Pack