June 22, 2007

GeoTrax Sale on Fisher-Price.com

Some GeoTrax items are available at sale prices on Fisher-Price.com. Click through on this link and browse the list to find the GeoTrax items I am talking about. Or, click the links below and we will take you direct to the individual item.

Items on sale include the following:

* GeoTrax Allbright Trucking™
WAS $15.00, Now $9.99
* GeoTrax Big City RapidRail™
WAS $15.00, Now $9.99
* GeoTrax Big City Lights Center™
WAS $30.00, Now $19.99
* GeoTrax System Workin’ Roundhouse™
WAS $20.00, Now $14.99
* GeoTrax Beamtown™ Fire Station
WAS $15.00, Now $9.99
* GeoTrax Rainbow Bridge™
WAS $15.00, Now $9.99
* GeoTrax Crankin’ Round Crane™
WAS $10.00, Now $6.99
* GeoTrax Water Works Fill Co.
WAS $15.00, Now $9.99

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