April 29, 2007

GeoTrax Grand Central Station - New Release

Grand Central Station is the set I am most excited about with this next set of items to be released and it seems to be attracting the must buzz on the Internet right now. The GeoTrax Grand Central Station set appears to be the successor to the Workin' Town Railway and the Tracktown Railway sets. I bet this will cost around $40 once released.

GeoTrax Grand Central Station
Image Credit: fisher-price.com.

New stuff being introduced with this set include the new style switch which is more of a parallel switch than the curve switch we are all used to. This set also introduces some new curved elevation track pieces which appear still different from the curved elevation pieces that come with the Mile High Mountain set.

GeoTrax Grand Central Station Parts List
Image Credit: fisher-price.com.

Check out the entire Grand Central Station Instruction Sheet.

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