December 17, 2009

Last Minute Holiday GeoTrax

I was in Target the other night doing some shopping for my wife when I stumbled upon these Holiday GeoTrax sets--not in the Toys section--in the Seasonal items section.

Holiday GeoTrax Sets
(Click to see an enlarged version)

The sets come with two pieces of jumbo curve track that form a loop, a holiday character, a train, a North Pole sign, a gift package, a crossing gate and a Christmas tree.

Below I am including a close-up of the two sets I found. These don't appear to be available online at, I think you can only buy them in store. Or, try purchasing them from eBay (Buy It Now).

GeoTrax Holiday Train Set with Santa
(Click to see an enlarged version)

GeoTrax Holiday Train Set
(Click to see an enlarged version)

Good luck finding these and remember to look for them in the Seasonal items section of your local Target.

December 7, 2009

GeoTrax Track Layout Ideas - Elevated Star Crossing

This is GeoTrax Track Layout Quick Tip #5

I've had many requests for more track layout quick tips...I will start trying to do a better job of this as I currently have a two-and-a-half year old who is very interested in Choo-choos (read as GeoTrax). We had them out over the weekend and look what we built

I call this the "elevated star crossing" and it seems appropriate just in time for the holidays.

I start with the bottom piece of the GeoTrax High Chimes Clock Tower as the center piece for the crossing. From that I extend straight pieces (half or whole) in all directions. Then I connect each straight track to a curved ramp piece which you can get with sets like the new GeoTrax Timbertown Railway and/or the the GeoTrax Workin' Town Railway.

I finish by adding the top piece of the clock tower to the crossing and it is ready to go. Now, you can continue to build out your entire layout in four different directions.


GeoTrax Video - No One Makes Videos Like This YouTube User

It has been a while since I have posted any new GeoTrax videos on the blog. There are plenty of them on YouTube but no one creates great GeoTrax videos quite like YouTube user kmae987. Great story-telling and great music. See for yourself...

Some great GeoTrax sets included in this video (in case you are interested) include the following:

* GeoTrax Grand Central Station
* GeoTrax Bayshore Drawbridge
* GeoTrax Mile-High Mountain
* GeoTrax High Chimes Clock Tower
* GeoTrax Big City Lights Building

I have also flagged a list of my favorite GeoTrax videos on YouTube -- you can view the list here.

Happy viewing...