May 20, 2009

GeoTrax Timbertown Railway with Steamer & Samuel

May is usually the month new GeoTrax sets are released by Fisher-Price and this year appears to be no exception. Starting today you can buy the new GeoTrax TimberTown Railway and we want you to be the first to know about it.
GeoTrax Timbertown Railway
The TimberTown Railway appears to be the new starter set replacing the Grand Central Station.

Here are a couple of cool things that come with the set:

1. The Mountain Tunnel
2. Steamer the RC Train
3. The Easy Rail Station

The Mountain Tunnel
Tunnels are always cool for kids. The more tunnels the better and a little variety certainly doesn't hurt

Steamer the RC Train
'Steamer' the RC Train appears similar to the Big Rob & Hauler RC Truck that was released the end of 2007. The steam engine is actually not the part of the train that is remote controlled. The first car the engine is pulling is actually an RC car. There are many fans--myself included--that would like to attach other push engines to an RC car like this, making it possible for other push trains to be able to operate like an RC the wait over? I can't tell from the picture. What do you think?

Steamer the RC Train (GeoTrax)

The Easy Rail Station
Fisher-Price has realized young GeoTrax fans can find it a challenge to place the train on the track correctly to start playing. The Easy Rail Station provides an easy way to get the track aligned on the track.

Instruction Sheet
Here's a link to the GeoTrax Timbertown Railway instruction sheet. The instruction sheet includes a complete parts list, setup instructions and 4 alternative layouts for the new set.

There are lots of pictures available online if you want to see more.

* Complete set with RC Train and Remote Wand
* Easy Rail Station in Color
* Timber Crane on top of the Mountain
* Alternative Track Layout for the Timbertown Set
* Another Alternative Track Layout
* One More Track Layout
* Close up of Remote Train with Remote Controller