June 3, 2007

GeoTrax Rope n' Ride Ranch - New Release

Yee-haw! It's cowboy meets GeoTrax. This set comes with Tex and Old Rust...Tex is a bull rider and this set comes with an interactive bull-riding station. Tex and Old Rust can rope and ride horses and transport wherever they need to go.

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This set comes with the following items:

* A stable
* Bucking bull station with a bull, platform & crank
* Old Rust, the engine, and a flatbed car
* Tex the people figure
* A horse
* A hay bale
* 4 curved tracked pieces (a complete loop)

Tex can sit and ride inside Old Rust the train -- see links to pictures below!

Here are some more pictures of the set you can look at on the fisher-price.com website:

* The complete Rope n' Ride Ranch set, Part I
* The complete Rope n' Ride Ranch set, Part II
* Tex rides in Old Rust
* Tex, Old Rust & the horse
* Real bull-riding action, Part I
* Real bull-riding action, Part II

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