January 24, 2007

GeoTrax Track Layout Ideas, Part III

In this post I would like to mention a couple online galleries that provide plenty of inspiration for building your next GeoTrax track layout.

* GeoTrax group on Flickr.com
* User Galleries on GeoTraxWorld.com

GeoTrax group on Flickr.com
This group is pretty small right now, I think mostly because it is difficult to find. There are currently 7 members and the majority of the pictures have been posted by the user "bmooneyatwork" (aka Brian).

Brian is one of the most creative contibutors to the GeoTrax community on the web, he has posted over 100 pictures of his truly one-of-a-kind track layouts. Check out his layouts for Stacked Bridges, Max-the Human Stanchion, GeoTower and his picture response to TechMan2553's GeoTower (aka product of severe boredom) video on YouTube. If you haven't seen the video I am including it here...have a look, it is quite amazing.

User Galleries on GeoTraxWorld.com
These user galleries are probably more like what the rest of us are capable of building. Some really nice layouts here--even some ideas for those of you who like to build your layouts on top of a train table.

Need more track? GeoTrax Track

January 6, 2007

Get a Great Deal on the GeoTrax Big City Lights Center, Only $19.99

Act now and get a great deal on the Big City Lights Center.Not sure how long this will last but order today and get it for only $19.99 (that is 41% off the list price--a savings of $14).

Big City Lights Center

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Not sure what the Big City Lights Center does? Watch a video demo of the Big City Lights Center on Fisher-Price.com