March 21, 2007

GeoTrax Track Layout Ideas - Quick Tip #1

I am going to start a new feature on this site called the "GeoTrax Track Layout Ideas Quick Tip". A lot of people are posting pictures of their entire track layouts on the web which I think is great and very fun and inspiring for others to look at. However, sometimes an entire layout can mask or hide the one or two 'simple but powerful' ideas that make the layout unique from others.

With the "Track Layout Quick Tip" I will try to feature just one simple principle or idea for a layout. I hope visitors to this site will then take this basic idea and build on it in creating their own unique track layouts.

Track Crossing with Escape Route
I was looking at a train hobby book recently and read a few ideas about creating alternate routes or 'escape routes' for trains prior to reaching a railroad crossing area. The purpose being if two trains are approaching a crossing at the same time, one of the trains could opt for using the escape route as an alternate pathway. This allows the trains to avoid stopping and/or colliding with each other.

Here is what that looks like...

Here is another picture with the track pieces close together but not yet connected so you can make out what pieces I used.

Track required to build this part of track layout at a minimum includes the following: