December 25, 2008

Merry GeoTrax - Enjoy the Movie!

For many of you kids and parents today has been filled the joy and thrill of new GeoTrax. Christmas is also a day when many new movies debut in the theater. Thus, I thought it would be appropriate to show a GeoTrax Double feature here on the blog.

Matthew, Chad & Eric have been hard at work again producing what is sure to be their second GeoTrax blockbuster short film -- "The Great Train Robbery". So grab the popcorn and enjoy...

If you are new to GeoTrax, you may have missed their original smash hit "GeoTown" set to some upbeat Zydeco music. This is my kids favorite GeoTrax video yet...

Merry Christmas everyone and enjoy your new GeoTrax.

December 1, 2008

GeoTrax Holiday Wish List 2008

Happy Cyber Monday! Are you looking for the perfect GeoTrax set for the train fan in your life? I have put together for you a list of the hottest GeoTrax sets for this holiday season.

Only on eBay
* Grand Central Station Track Layout Manual (Vol. 6) - NEW!
* Train Table Series Track Layout Manual (Vol. 7) - NEW!
* Creative Layout Manual--Workin' Town Layouts (Vol. 5)
* Creative Layout Manual--Table Top Layouts (Vol. 4)

Brand Spankin' New from Fisher-Price
* GeoTrax Take-and-Go Zoo

New GeoAir sets from Fisher Price
(be sure and check the "More Buying Choices" on the right-hand side of the resulting page for best prices)

* GeoAir High-Flyin' Airport In Stock with FREE shipping
* GeoAir Blast-Through Barn
* GeoAir Fly-By Bridge
* GeoTrax GeoAir Mega Set
* GeoTrax GeoAir Loopy Loco Bi-Plane (Remote Control Airplane)
* GeoTrax GeoAir Blue Flash Jet Plane (Remote Control Airplane)

Classic Sets--Reissued
* Mile-High Mountain
* Mt. Blast Construction Set

Starter Sets
* Grand Central Station Award-winning!
* Tracktown Railway
* Workin' Town Railway