February 20, 2007

GeoCAM - Enjoy the Thrills, Chills & Spills

Speaking of Brian and Max...they just posted a GeoTrax video on YouTube that is worth watching. What makes this video unique is that it features a tour of a track layout from the trains perspective. That's right they figured out a way to strap a wireless digital video camera to Geo (Motorized Starter Set).

A few comments from Brian:

This camera is powered by a 9 volt rechargeable battery that is also mounted behind the camera on Geo, the train that ships with the "All About Trains" set. The one exception is the final video segment in which it was attached to the remote controlled older fire truck train (which moves slow enough to not fly off the tracks!)

Included in the video are 3 track layouts, complete with a few spills.... (For example, Max removed a necessary rail in the 2nd layout... but the 2nd run (also shown) was successful... The straightaway lengthy shot was not successful, but the crash was interesting enough :) Finally the last track is run perfectly...

Enjoy the accompanying appropriateish music track.... My video editing skills are NOT so wonderful, though... it was my first video editing attempt in years!

Comments appreciated, as well as ideas of what to do with the modification.... I'll also be happy to give details to anyone who cares to replicate this project....

Watch on YouTube and leave a comment for Brian