November 22, 2006

GeoTrax Holiday Gift Idea List 2006

I decided to put together a list of what I think will be the hottest items for your little GeoTrax engineers this holiday season. So whether you're celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa check out what I recommend for the GeoTrax fan in your life:

Only on
GeoTrax Track Layout Manual
GeoTrax DVD (Sold Individually)
GeoTrax Track Pack with Jumbo/Large Curve Pieces
GeoTrax Lots (New & Used)
GeoTrax Allbright Trucking Remote
GeoTrax Mile High Mountain
GeoTrax Bulldozer
GeoTrax Dump Truck

New Sets
GeoTrax Lift N' Load Quarry
GeoTrax City Track PackWith Special T-track Piece
GeoTrax Big City Lights Center
GeoTrax Rainbow Bridge
GeoTrax Beam Town Fire Station
GeoTrax Red Wing Jet Plane

Remote Control Vehicles
GeoTrax Dump Truck  Sold out? Try geotrax dump truck on eBay
GeoTrax Bulldozer  Sold out? Try geotrax bulldozer on eBay
GeoTrax Allbright Trucking
GeoTrax Big City RapidRail

Starter Sets
GeoTrax $99 Mega Set
GeoTrax Big City Rapidrail Starter Set  Fisher Price Exclusive
GeoTrax Workin' Town Railway
GeoTrax Play Packs

More Train Stuff...
Train Tables
Train Bedding
Thomas the Train Bunk Bed
Polar Express
Lincoln Logs Train Set
Wooden Train Sets
AAA Batteries
AA Batteries

Other Fisher Price Items
FP Kid Tough Digital Camera for Boys
FP Kid Tough Digital Camera for Girls
FP Shake N' Go Racers
FP Little People Playsets

Watch the latest GeoTrax commercial.

New GeoTrax Cement Mixer Truck

When I received my Lift N' Load Quarry in the mail, I noticed on the back of the packaging that there appeared to be one more GeoTrax new release that wasn't being talked about yet. It is a new Cement Mixer Truck.

This appears similar to the garbage truck, police car and ambulance released earlier this year. A push vehicle that makes different cement mixer truck sounds at the push of a button. I have only seen these for sale on eBay so far.

Search eBay: geotrax cement mixer

November 16, 2006

Lift N' Load Quarry - Pictures of Packaging

I got my Lift N' Load Quarry that I ordered from Here are some pictures of the front and back of the packaging.

Front of the box

Back of the box

Search Amazon: geotrax lift n load quarry

November 14, 2006

GeoTrax Track Layout Ideas - Part II

Another great source for GeoTrax track layout ideas comes from an eBay user (e-store-24) who has created some well-designed track layout manuals.

Only on eBay - One-of-a-kind GeoTrax Track Layout Manuals
     o Vol. 3 - Elevation Track Layouts
     o Vol. 4 - Table Top Layouts
     o Vol. 5 - Workin' Town Layouts

The track layout manuals can be purchased on eBay for $9.99 + $2.50 shipping. These track layouts have been designed using professional CAD graphical software. Look at the detail...

Click to see the auctions
Image Credit: e-store-24

It appears a total of 5 track layout manuals have been created to date. Vols. 3, 4 and 5 are actively being sold on eBay.

Here is a little bit more about these manuals...

Volume 3 focuses on the elevation series of GeoTrax sets and includes 16 different track layouts. The layouts have been well thought out so that the trains can run in both directions and won't get stuck in a loop. Track layouts are also large enough to get 3, 4 and even 5 trains running at the same time.

Volume 4 accomplishes the goal of creating space-efficient layouts designed for table top (or floor) assembly. Parents can appreciate track layouts that don't occupy floor space throughout the entire house. Learn to assemble feature rich layouts in compact spaces--manual includes 16 new layouts.

Volume 5 is geared towards building layouts with the Workin' Town Railway set plus a minimal amount of additional sets.

All layout manuals include a table that shows a list of all layouts and the sets required when assembling the layout. Here is an example from Vol. 5.

Table of sets required
Image Credit: e-store-24

Only on eBay - One-of-a-kind GeoTrax Track Layout Manuals
     o Vol. 3 - Elevation Track Layouts
     o Vol. 4 - Table Top Layouts
     o Vol. 5 - Workin' Town Layouts

Search eBay: geotrax layout manual

November 4, 2006

GeoTrax New Releases - Lift 'N Load Quarry, Bulldozer & Dump Truck

Free shipping eligible for purchases over $25 on -- Buy The Lift 'N Load Quarry Now!

More new releases from Fisher-Price just in time for Christmas. All three are great additions to your construction set.

First is the Lift 'N Load Quarry. It looks like a really cool set including a conveyor belt and a spiral shoot for the rocks to roll down before being loaded onto a train or truck. It also comes with the new T-track piece. Here is a picture from the Instruction Sheet.

Lift 'N Load QuarryImage Credit: Fisher Price: GeoTrax Lift 'N Load Quarry Instruction Sheet.

Two new remotes are being released a Bulldozer and a Dump Truck. Even more exciting is the fact that they now come with a reverse direction option. That's right, using your remote you can make them go forward AND backwards. Check out the new remote style.

GeoTrax remotes with reverse optionImage Credit: Fisher Price: GeoTrax Instruction Sheets.

These look like fun, the dump truck even has real dumping action. Here are some pictures from the Instruction sheets.

GeoTrax BulldozerImage Credit: Fisher Price: GeoTrax Bulldozer Instruction Sheet.

GeoTrax Dump TrackImage Credit: Fisher Price: GeoTrax Dump Truck Instruction Sheet.

Both of these remotes interact well with the new Quarry...