June 3, 2007

GeoTrax Chop n' Haul Sawmill - New Release

This looks like a cool set to satisfy the little lumberjack in all of our kids. With the Chop n' Haul Sawmill you can turn trees into lumber and then assist the lumberjack people load them on the heavy-duty logging train. The sawmill is interactive with a saw that really spins as they chop wood and get them ready to go to town.

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It looks like Fisher-Price, along with adding figures to the sets, are also giving their trains names now...hmmm....I wonder where they came up with that idea? ;) This set comes with two figures and a train (Miter, Chopper and Stumpy the engine).

The set includes the following:

* 4 pieces of curved track (complete loop)
* Interactive sawmill
* Stumpy the engine & a flatbed car
* Miter and Chopper the people figures
* Pine trees, logs, stacks of lumber

Miter & Chopper can also sit and ride inside the engine.

Fisher-Price has added some pictures to their website if you would like to check them out.

* Picture of the complete GeoTrax Chop n' Haul set
* Close up of Miter, Chopper & Stumpy (the engine)
* The Sawmill in action, Part I, The Sawmill in action, Part II

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