July 28, 2008

GeoTrax Fly-By Bridge with GeoAir Expansion Track

I thought I would share a few more details about the new bridge being released for your GeoTrax collection. The GeoAir Fly-by Bridge will be the first bridge to incorporate the GeoAir air tracks system and allow the remote control planes to fly loops around the bridge. The set comes with the new bridge, a little figure and four pieces of air track.

GeoTrax Fly-by Bridge with GeoAir Expansion Tracks

The following pictures are available on the Fisher-Price website:

* Fly-by Bridge & the GeoAir Blue Flash RC Jet Plane
* Fly-by Bridge complete set showing tracks separate
* Fly-by Bridge with Aero crossing the bridge

You can also see a few more details by checking out the Fly-by Bridge instruction sheet.

Where to buy the Fly-by Bridge:
* Amazon.com
* Target
* Walmart

1 comment:

Lacy Hill said...

I just find the Barn and Bridge at Walmart but no planes in sight! I hope they follow soon or at least before my nephew's birthday.