July 3, 2008

GeoAir Flight #628 to GeoTown....Delayed?

Okay, apparently I got a bit ahead of myself. I love the irony of it all...it is like waiting for a friend at the airport only to learn their flight has been delayed again...only in this case, we are waiting for the airport to arrive.

Flight Delayed

Latest status on Amazon for the release of the GeoTrax Airport reads,

"Currently unavailable.
We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock."

I suspect we will be waiting until August for all the new GeoAir sets to be released. Amazon currently lists a release date of August 18th for the following sets:

* GeoAir RC Plane
* GeoAir Expansion Set

And they are on sale for $10 off right now.

Now, let's hope they don't change the gate number...


Anonymous said...

I picked up the Barn and Bridge expansion at Walmart.com this morning. Scheduled for an in-store pickup 1st week in Aug.

99pinkbutterflies said...

I ordered the GeoAir High Flying Airport on Amazon on June 9th as a pre-order. A couple days later they posted a release date of Jan 25th. Then I got an update email saying that it would be delayed and asking me to confirm if I wanted to proceed with the order, which I did. Then again later I got an email saying the shipping date had been updated and I would receive my item between July 23rd and August something. At this time the message on the product description page did say it was unavailable and was not known if or when it would be back in stock. Sure enough last week I got an email saying my item had shipped, my card was charged and I waited anxiously. I was sure they had misshipped me the wrong item since it appeared as though the release was delayed. However yesterday I received and opened the box and there it was!

Owner said...

Thanks for the tip about Wal-mart.com. Looks like Walmart will also sell a couple of GeoAir Value Bundles