July 31, 2008

GeoTrax Blast-Through Barn with GeoAir Expansion Track

Here is some more information on the GeoTrax Blast-Through Barn set which has just been released.

GeoTrax Blast-Through Barn with GeoAir Expansion Track

According to the Mattel website, the set comes with the barn complete with swinging "break through" doors. It also comes with a push-along pick-up truck--although I am not seeing it in any of the pictures I have seen. You will also get an articulated farmer figure and four pieces of GeoAir track.

If you don't already have it, the Gritty & Farmer Earl (w/Pig) set is a nice compliment to the Blast-Through Barn set.

The following pictures are available on the Fisher-Price website:

* Blast-Through Barn & the GeoAir Loopy Loco RC Bi-Plane
* Blast-Through Barn complete set showing tracks separate
* Blast-Through Barn with Train passing through the barn

You can also see a few more details by checking out the Blast-Through Barn instruction sheet.

Where to buy the Blast-Through Barn:
* Amazon.com
* Target
* Walmart

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Anonymous said...

My son got this set for his birthday. There were no vehicles included. It is a great addition to his existing track though.