April 24, 2008

GeoTrax GeoAir Airport Instruction Sheet Now Available

I just noticed the GeoTrax GeoAir Instruction Sheet is available online if you would like to take a look.

You can pre-order some of the new GeoAir sets online (and take advantage of FREE Shipping):

* GeoAir High Flying Airport
* GeoAir RC Plane and Pilot Figure
* GeoAir Expansion Set Assortment

This will give you a good idea of all the parts that go into building the new airport and how the GeoTrax 'Air Track' fits together.

Looks like, similar to the remote control trains, the RC airplane will require six "AAA" batteries (three "AAA" batteries for the plane and three for the remote). Starting and stopping you GeoTrax RC airplane is done via a start and stop button on the remote (which you have probably already noticed is shape like a control wheel or yoke for a real aircraft).

A couple other subtle things I noticed:
  1. A new logo which now reads GeoTrax Transportation System (vs. the old GeoTrax Rail & Road System)
  2. There appears to be a movable elevator that carries the included GeoTrax figure to the top of the traffic control tower
  3. It seems there is only one way to configure the air track and there is no mention of adding any additional track to the set to create a longer flight path :(

Anyway, should be lots of fun.

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