May 27, 2008

New "Flying Lesson" GeoTrax Video starring Loopy Loco and Darren

I just got back from a Memorial Day camping trip with my family and noticed the Fisher-Price 2008 catalog in our mailbox. I thought I would take a peek and see if there was any mention of GeoAir inside. Unfortunately, the latest items appearing for the GeoTrax set were the following:

* Gritty & Farmer Earl
* Swifty & Kevin (Chopper)
* Hauler & Big Rob

Later, I decided to get on the Official GeoTrax website and see if they have started mentioning anything about GeoAir yet. I did find that they have released a new Video on the website called Flying Lesson with some of the new GeoTrax characters.

GeoTrax DVD: Flying Lesson

Loopy Loco is a yellow and red stunt plane that likes doing loops--his captain is Darren. Captain Jim and Jumbo appear to be the jumbo jet commercial airplane and pilot set that come with the new airport.

Loopy Loco & Darren: Flying Lesson Video

The video is a lot of fun I am sure your kids will really enjoy watching it. Tune in to see if Darren will learn from Captain Jim the importance of being a team player in GeoTown.

Don't Forget, you can pre-order some of the new GeoAir sets online (and take advantage of FREE Shipping):

* GeoAir High Flying Airport
* GeoAir RC Plane and Pilot Figure
* GeoAir Expansion Set Assortment

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