April 5, 2008

GeoAir - New GeoTrax Airport & RC Airplanes

Wow, looks like the next big thing from the GeoTrax folks at Fisher-Price will be GeoAir. Recently it seems there has been renewed interest in the GeoTrax Coastal Winds Airport (that seems to be the case when sets are discountinued and hard to find) as many newcomers to GeoTrax have wanted to get their hands on this set.


Now, it looks like an alternative will be available soon...the actual release date is not public but new sets usually appear in stores around May.

You can pre-order some of the new sets online (and take advantage of FREE Shipping):

* GeoAir High Flying Airport
* GeoAir RC Plane and Pilot Figure
* GeoAir Expansion Set Assortment

More pictures of GeoAir are available online taken at a recent toy fair--check out the new RC Planes, a new suspension bridge and the barn burner set.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

When I first pre-ordered the Airport at Amazon.com about 1 month ago it was going for $39.99. Now they've upped the price to $54.99!! I should've pre-ordered 2 of them! Oh well, at least I can get one. The other two GeoAir items on Amazon.com dont have pictures, so I dont know which plane I am getting, but I know what the Barn set looks like. i haven't found anything yet on the 3rd plane.