March 27, 2008

GeoTrax Track Layout Ideas - Quick Tip #3

Parallel Switches & Jumbo Curves

It has been a while since I posted a new track layout idea. I was excited to see Fisher-Price release the parallel switch track piece with the Grand Central Station set. Here is a layout idea you might want to try. It uses parallel switches and jumbo curves to create a passing siding for your trains.

Here is another shot of the layout with the pieces separated.

If you are interested in making this layout, you need the following track pieces:

* Jumbo Curve
* Parallel Switch

Or you can find them bundled in these starter sets:

* GeoTrax Motorized Starter Set (w/ 2 Jumbo Curves)
* Grand Central Station (w/ 2 Parallel Switches)


Nicki said...

Please more quick tips!!! I LOVE them!

Owner said...

Nicki, thanks for your comment. I have a few more in the works...hope to get to them this weekend.