March 18, 2008

Want the GeoTrax Switchin' Signs Covered Bridge & 14 Track Prieces for $22?

Take advantage of the great deal going on this week at Toys R Us. Don't be confused by the sales lingo, basically if you buy a Fisher-Price item for $19.99 or more, you can get a second Fisher-Price item FREE priced up to $19.98.

Toys R Us Deal

Which basically means to maximize the deal you should buy an item for exactly $19.99 (Like the mixed track pack in the picture above)and then get a second item FREE which will probably be $15.99 or maybe $16.99 (like the Switchin' Signs Covered Bridge)...I think the next price point goes above the 19.98 threshold ($19.99).

Or if the items I suggest don't interest you there are alternatives, and you may have even more choices if you hurry into your local TRU store as the online inventory appears a little low:

$19.99 Items include the following:
Track Pack Exclusive at TRU
Chop 'N Haul Sawmill
Rope 'N Ride Ranch
Nature Sounds Flexible Tunnel Bridge
Forward and Reverse Remotes with People
Lift 'N Load Quarry

$15.99 Items include the following:
Various Track Packs
High Chimes Clock Tower
Switchin' Signs Covered Bridge
Siren Sounds Rescue Tower

More Insider Tips on this sale:

Tip #1 - This sale scales online, I just tried this and it appears you can buy two $19.99 items and 2 $15.99 items and you will get both $15.99 items for free.

Tip #2 - This sale might be structured differently in your local stores. I went to my local store and notice the sale as buy one Fisher-Price item priced $19.99 or more and get a second item free priced up to $19.99. So if I read that right that means this would be a simple buy one $19.99 item and get a second $19.99 item free. They also limit the sale to 1 free item per purchase...but hey, you could always come back and make a second purchase if you want to scale it.

Good Luck. Hopefully this will make some one's Easter GeoTerrific.

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