February 27, 2008

GeoTrax Recall - Replacement Part Plus a Free Item

I had a couple Freightway Transport trucks that were a part of the GeoTrax recall. A few weeks ago I finally got around to figuring out what I needed to do to return them to Fisher-Price for a replacement item. The process was really quite simple and in the process I was delighted to find that Fisher Price would ship a replacement item, plus a bonus part.

GeoTrax recall

I went to the Mattel recall information page and walked through the steps which included the following:

1. Pick my location by country
2. Find the GeoTrax item affected by the recall
3. Determine if my GeoTrax train was affected by the recall, using the six digit alphanumeric code on the engine.
4. Complete the online form for affected items
5. Receive the postage paid shipping label from Fisher Price in email
6. Package and ship my recalled GeoTrax item
7. Wait for my replacement part

The entire process took about 3 weeks from completing the form online to receiving my replacement part and bonus item. And what was the bonus item you ask. The sent me a matching train car and yellow cargo crate to go with my engine...so I went from my single engine to a new engine, train car and cargo box.

GeoTrax Recall with Bonus Part

It is interesting to note that contrary to the picture I am including, the replacement part no longer has a yellow ladder and pair of horns on the roof, they are now colored gray.

Would anyone else like to comment on their experience with the GeoTrax recall? Did you get the same bonus item? Click the comments link below and leave any comments you have...

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