December 23, 2007

GeoTrax Holiday Wish List 2007

There have been a lot of new GeoTrax released this year. I have put together a list of all the hottest ideas for your little GeoTrax engineer. Happy Holidays and enjoy all your new GeoTrax sets.

Only on eBay
* One-of-a-kind GeoTrax Track Layout Manuals
     o Vol. 3 - Elevation Track Layouts
     o Vol. 4 - Table Top Layouts
     o Vol. 5 - Workin' Town Layouts

* GeoTrax People/Figure Packs
* GeoTrax Play Packs
* GeoTrax Bundles
* GeoTrax New & Used Lots
* GeoTrax RED High Chimes Clock Tower
* GeoTrax Coastal Winds Airport
* GeoTrax Mile High Mountain

* GeoTrax DVDs - sold separately:
     o My Day with Trains (DVD)
     o Team GeoTrax - All Aboard (DVD)

Brand Spankin' New from Fisher Price
* Remote Control Set with Hauler & Big Rob (Diesel Truck)
* Siren Sounds Rescue Tower
* Switchin’ Signs Covered Bridge

Starter Sets
* Grand Central Station or Toys R' Us has it for $39.99
* Workin' Town Railway

The reviewers seem to love the new Grand Central Station (as do my kids). Here is a video of the Grand Central Station in action.

The GeoTrax MEGA Set
* GeoTrax Mega Set (Toys R' Us = $99)

Here is a nice stop motion video of the entire GeoTrax Mega Set being assembled.

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