July 12, 2007

GeoTrax Smokey & Jose Remote Control Fire Truck Set - New Release

I just noticed when I started to prepare this post that the product ID for this new GeoTrax fire truck is L5911...coincidence? I think not!

This is the coolest GeoTrax fire truck set yet as it is designed for interactive play with Jose, the action figure that comes along with it. Jose, the fireman, can ride inside the cab of fire truck. He can also fire the water cannon that swivels in place on the water gun car.

Read more about the set in the GeoTrax Smokey & Jose Instruction Sheet on the mattel customer service website. You can also see colored images of the set by clicking on any of the following links:

* The complete Smokey and Jose fire truck set
* Remote control action
* Jose rides in the cab of the fire engine
* Smokey the engine can also be pushed along the track
* Jose shoots the water cannon
* Smokey the engine and Jose the fireman

Search for the Smokey & Jose Fire Truck RC Set now on eBay.

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