July 5, 2007

GeoTrax Knight & Sir John Remote Control Train Set - New Release

Pip pip, cheerio...it's James Bond meets GeoTrax in this newly released remote control train set. According to the "New Train in Town" video on fisher-price.com Knight is supposed to be one of the faster GeoTrax trains--although I doubt any of that actually applies to the actual toys.

Knight & Sir John--New Train in Town Video

The owner of maxgeotrax.com did an excellent job of super-sleuthing this one out on the Fisher Price Australia website. Here is a shot of the complete Knight & Sir John train set.

Knight & Sir John Remote Control Train Set

Here is a link to the GeoTrax Knight & Sir John Instruction Sheet. You can also see colored pictures of the set online, the following are available:

* Knight the train, Sir John and the remote control
* Knight & Sir John in action
* Sir John rides in the engine compartment
* Sir John in the sleeper car
* Knight being pushed along the tracks
* Close-up of Knight & Sir John

Search for Knight & Sir John on eBay.


Anonymous said...

The train engine is too light at the front end and derails when climbing curved hill track.

Owner said...

Couple tips that might help with the problem you are having with train derailling on climb...

Take a look at this
Lighter cars towards the back - http://www.fisher-price.com/fp.aspx?st=5757&e=printtip&tipid=13
Use a curve with teeth at the top of the hill - http://www.fisher-price.com/fp.aspx?st=5757&e=printtip&tipid=2