July 12, 2007

GeoTrax Beamtown Fire Station - Re-release

While we are on the subject of fire trucks...it appears that a number of GeoTrax sets are being re-released to accomodate the new GeoTrax figures/people. The GeoTrax Beamtown Fire Station is one of those sets...and I am not sure that I actually like the new set compared to the old.

I have placed the old (version 1) and new (version 2) versions of this set side by side in an image so you can quickly compare the differences.

Here are the differences I notice...

1. With the new set you don't get the split track piece -- this is a big negative, we all love and need more track.
2. I like the old version of the fire truck better, it looks more realistic, the new one looks almost cartoonish
3. "Hey, who took the siren off the top of the fire station roof?"
4. The old set has decals on the fire station portraying fire fighters in action...the new set has open windows. I don't have a strong opinion either way on this.
5. Slight color/design modifications made to the fire station...I think I like the old design just a touch better.
6. The new set comes with a fire fighter figure that can ride along in the fire truck...this is cool, although, I still think I would rather have a track piece especially this unique one.

The old GeoTrax Beamtown Fire Station set is now selling for only $10 at places like Toys R' Us -- I would pick one up at this great price if you don't already have one. You can even check out a demo of the GeoTrax Beamtown Fire Station.

Or, search for an even better deal on the Beamtown Fire Station on eBay.

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