December 26, 2012

GeoTrax Track Layout Ideas - Danger Drop Criss-Cross

This is GeoTrax Track Layout Quick Tip #6

The week in between Christmas and New Year's is a great time for building new track layouts with your GeoTrax.  I wanted to give everyone some simple ideas that might help to improve the creative quality of their layouts.

This is one I got from watching YouTube videos of other layouts people have created.

GeoTrax Track Layout: Danger Drop Criss-Cross
Click picture to see a larger view of this layout

When running multiple trains or cars, the anticipation of whether their trains would crash into each other at the bottom of the loop made for lots of fun for my kids.  This simple layout alone kept them busy for a couple hours.

You can expand on this idea and add this to your larger layout by simply replacing one or more of the corner track pieces with a switch layout piece.  If you need help figuring out how to have an elevated switch piece in your layout see my earlier post titled Elevated Switch.

You can also see videos of simple track layouts by checking out iluv geotrax YouTube channel.


Tutorial SEO Terbaru said...

remember me to my childhood :) nice posting brother

Gary said...

It's too bad Fisher Price has discontinued GeoTrax. Fortunately you can still get them in the secondary market, like Amazon and eBay. My grandkids love these GeoTrax sets.