January 2, 2009

GeoTrax Track Layout Ideas - Elevated Switch

This is GeoTrax Track Layout Idea--Quick Tip #4.

When designing new track layouts you may have discovered it can be a bit tricky to use your switch tracks with the stanchions (supports) as the track doesn't have the right groves cut on the under side. I have been playing around with a few ideas--why don't you give these a try.

The first idea uses a T-track piece with three bridges...I just eliminate the stanchion altogether and the T-track connects nicely to the elevated bridges.

The second idea uses a right or left Y-switch track and connects again to other elevated structures--completely removing the stanchion from the mix. I have tried to give you an idea of other elevated structures you might use in case you don't have three bridges. In my example below you will see I use a bridge, a curved ramp piece and the high chimes clock tower.

The other trick to note is that you will need to use a straight half piece of track to connect the switch to whatever elevated structure you use.

If you are looking to buy some of these pieces here are a few recommendations:

* The T-track switch comes with the GeoTrax City Track Pack


Bill Walsh said...

I've actually got an elevated T-switch in a track now. Because you can't use arches with it, I used the guardrail trick. Each edge of the switch has the middle support of a guardrail underneath it. They all hooked on pretty well, using the central hole in the T-switch in a couple cases. The two edges on the long leg of the T only have the supports connected under the edge and under the piece to which it connects—the third support, under the switch itself, can't hook on to anything.

Still, it's quite solid, even when my four-year-old runs one of his extremely long passenger or freight trains down the hill to it, causing a fairly spectacular crash.

me said...

I wonder if a small hole could be drilled into the bottom of the switch track to accomodate the groove/notch on the support, could the hole be shallow enough to miss the switch mechanism and fit the notch? any thoughts?

I have used both of your solutions and they both work, but we're in that redesign the layout once a week stage, and am considering a sacrifice of one of the support

Anonymous said...

You can drill a hole, I've done it, it works fine

jlienard said...

Does any one know where I might buy a GeoTrax T-Track piece? I bought more track on e-bay and I need this one piece to simplify my layout.

You can e-mail me at jlienard@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

Here are the ways I know of to get a T-track piece.

1. GeoTrax City/Road Track Pack - http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2910954

2. GeoTrax Lift 'n Load Quarry - http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2715539

3. Watch eBay and you might see someone selling a set and mention the T-track piece.

Anonymous said...

You can also now buy the "T" track piece separately at Toys R Us for about $7. Personally though I'd buy the road track pack for ten dollars more because you'll get more pieces for the money!

Anonymous said...

You can also try craigslist!

Unknown said...

Another way to modify your track layout, raised is to sand off one of the "numbs" on the track raisers, this allows you to connect teh T or Y track pieces without the issue of the "bump".