December 18, 2009

GeoTrax Holiday Wish List 2009

It is getting down to crunch time as we all make final preparations for the Holidays. How did you do in your quest to obtain that perfect GeoTrax set for your little one? I have put together a list of what I think are the hottest GeoTrax sets for this holiday season.

Track Layout Ideas
* Grand Central Station Track Layout Manual (Vol. 6) - NEW!
* Train Table Series Track Layout Manual (Vol. 7) - NEW!
* Creative Layout Manual--Workin' Town Layouts (Vol. 5)
* Creative Layout Manual--Table Top Layouts (Vol. 4)

The Newest Sets from Fisher-Price

(User Created Review Video)

* GeoTrax Timbertown Railway
* GeoTrax Crossing Gate with Lights & Sounds
* GeoTrax RC with Black Phantom & Mr. E.S.—The Most Mysterious Team
* GeoTrax RC with Aero & Eric—The Fastest Team
* GeoTrax Payton, Pumper & Paul - The Track Repair Team

Disney/Pixar CARS come to GeoTown with TURBO RCs
* CARS Radiator Springs Mega Set
* Sally's Track Pack
* Sarge's Track Pack
* Trev's Track Pack
* Flo's V-8 Café
* Ramone's Body Art set
* Sheriff's Lookout Mountain
* Lightning McQueen Turbo RC
* Mater Turbo RC
* Doc Turbo RC

Classic Sets--Reissued
* Mile-High Mountain
* Mt. Blast Construction Set

Starter Sets
* Grand Central Station Award-winning!
* Tracktown Railway
* Workin' Town Railway


Richie Richardson said...

Don't forget about the Blue Pony & Knox & Nick. We picked up both at Kohl's about 3 weeks ago & let our son play w/ the Blue Pony. It's his favorite train now.

Adam Silverman said...

check out this video I just made on geotrax -