November 21, 2009

Long Rumored GeoTrax Sets with Small Play Mats Finally Surface on

Early in 2009 there were rumors on the web in places like of a few new GeoTrax sets that would feature a small play mat. The play mats are a new concept added to the GeoTrax line that add to your kid's creative experience. Finally, after eight plus months these sets have finally surfaced on

Other then the play mats their is nothing really 'new' about the sets. They use previously released buildings and vehicles/boats that have been slightly retooled or recolored. However, for newcomers to GeoTrax some of these sets have not been available for a long time and will make a welcome addition to your collection.

The sets available include the following:

* The Lumberyard
* The Gravel Pit
* The Mechanic's Garage
* The Oceanfront Marina.

You may be able to glean a few more details by reading the Instruction Sheets for this sets:

* The Lumberyard Instruction Sheet
* The Gravel Pit Instruction Sheet
* The Mechanic's Garage Instruction Sheet
* The Oceanfront Marina Instruction Sheet

Kohls can also be a great place to find some reissued older sets like the Mt Blast Construction and Mile-High Mountain sets.

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