July 23, 2009

GeoTrax & Disney Pixar Cars – Create Your Own Radiator Springs

By now you have probably heard the news that GeoTrax is welcoming the gang from Disney Pixar CARS complete with a GeoTrax Lightning McQueen TURBO RC to the GeoTrax Transportation System.

Now you can build your own Radiator Springs next to GeoTown. New sets include Turbo Remote Control cars (2x the speed of a regular GeoTrax RC), Locations/Buildings from the CARS movie and new track packs which include a popular CARS vehicle.

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Let's take a closer look at the new sets available and some of the features new to the GeoTrax collection.

TURBO Remote Control Cars

The following cars are currently available:
* Lightning McQueen Turbo RC
* Mater Turbo RC
* Doc Turbo RC

What's unique about the Turbo RC Cars...

* They are 2 times faster than regular remotes
* They talk – quoting lines from the movie. They also make squealing tire sounds

Track Packs with NEW Black Street Track and Vehicles

The new track packs available inlclude the following:

* Sally's Track Pack
* Sarge's Track Pack
* Trev's Track Pack

Sally's Track Pack includes Sally push vehicle, six additional track pieces, and a Radiator Springs street light. Track pieces include 1 T-track switch, 1 Y-track right switch, 2 Y-track left switches, 1 crossing/intersection piece and 1 straight track piece.

Sarge's Track Pack includes a Sarge push vehicle, five 3" straight pieces, five 6" straight pieces, six curved pieces, and a Route 66 sign.

Trev's Track pack includes a Trev push train, two road straight tracks, two road curve tracks, four rail straight packs, two rail half tracks, two rail curve tracks, one crossing piece, two guardrails, and two railroad crossing signs.

Buildings/Places from the CARS Movie

* Flo's V-8 Café
* Ramone's Body Art set
* Sheriff's Lookout Mountain

Flo's V-8 Cafe features a cool roundabout allowing your kids to change direction of their vehicles as they travel around Radiator Springs. The set comes with the Cafe and a Flo vehicle. Flo speaks fun phrases from the movie.

Ramone's body shop is the place to come and have your body art applied. Push down on the Ramone vehicle and he pops back up. Ramone also speaks fun phrases from the movie.

Sheriff can chase speeders around radiator springs. He talks and says fun phrases from the movie. The set comes with 1 Sheriff vehicle, the mountain site with curved track, 1 billboard sign that Sheriff can hide behind, 2 small off-ramp track pieces and 2 pieces of ramp track.

All sets are available online. Click the links above to purchase now and get started recreating your own Radiator Springs in your living room.


Stephanie said...

Oh dear. I think I need to set up a fund for this.

Anonymous said...

Do these Cars tracks work with the older Geotrax tracks (the green ones and the beige ones?)

Owner said...

Yes the CARS tracks and sets work with the other GeoTrax green, beige and gray track pieces and GeoTrax sets. Too much fun...

WILLIAM said...

I was ont eh Geo Trax website this weekend and I saw two new trains. Blue Pony(delivery train) and A yellow demolition train. Today on the website both of these were no longer on the site. Any news on these that you know of?

debbiedragon said...

Can the Cars drive on the older geotrax? So not just can they all connect together, but can the cars go right on the existing geotrax railroad pieces rather than their own road sets?


Owner said...

Yes, all the GeoTrax sets work with the new cars sets and the new car sets work with the old car sets...I am unaware of any issues.

Anonymous said...

when put together what size train table can be used

slgreth said...

Can someone help me? We don't own any geotrax. We are thinking of starting a collection for our two year old twins. I have a few questions. If I purchase the central station and the timbertown railroad do they connect together? Not sure how to start. Not sure if I should look for the pixar cars or just regular geotrax. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Owner said...

Yes, you can buy multiple sets and connect them together. That is the great thing about GeoTrax. You can see lots of pictures of multiple GeoTrax sets connected together if you go to http://www.fisher-price.com/fp.aspx?st=5757&e=tracklayouts&layout=1. You can also see videos the many fans and enthusiasts of GeoTrax have created by going to http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=geotrax. Hope that helps...

Jacob's mom said...

Has anyone had any issues with this set? We bought a set that has McQueen and a manual sheriff and trex (the train). The McQueen has started slipping on the tracks quite badly and we've only had it for 2 days. The wheels are not turning on McQueen after going down the hill. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

our mater does not go forward on our old geotax tracks, any suggestions

Anonymous said...

Where do you find the Fillmore's tent pack and the tire station pack for the geotrax. I can't find it anywhere. It is posted on the fisher price web page but you can't buy it. All the retailers they suggest do not have these. HELP!

Fast172 said...

I have a question if anyone can help. I have a locomotive that came with a layout called Geotrax Tracktown. The locomotive is remote controlled a operates in the forward direction only. Is this the way this locomotive functions or can there be something wrong? All the previous locomotives I have seen in the past worked in forward or reverse or were unpowered.

Anonymous said...

So how come I cant fine Luigi's tire store for Geo trax anywhere? At fisher price it says they make them but you cant find them in the USA.