January 18, 2009

My Mistake Could be Your Gain...but Hurry....

Check out the auction now.

I have a GeoTrax Track Pack auction running on eBay that ends in about 2 hours. I noticed I made a huge error and forgot a space between one of the major keywords in the title when listing it. So what this means is when people search on the term 'track' this auction can't be found. I have hid this auctions from 100s of eBay users.

Just thought I would point this out for my loyal readers of the blog so if anyone wants a good deal on some GeoTrax Track and a DVD (this picture shows all the things included in this auction. This auction would usually close with the winning bid between $18 and $25 dollars and right now it is at $6.49.

Check out the auction now.

Auction ends at 5:37 PST.

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