September 4, 2007

GeoTrax Freightway Transport Recalled by Mattel

Fisher-Price's parent company Mattel has issued a third round of recalls for toys found to have lead based paints. You can read some of the media coverage in the following articles:

Mattel Recalls 800,000 Lead-Tainted Toys
Mattel Issues Third Major Recall

Read the company's press release here Mattel Announces Recall of 11 Toys as a Result of Extensive Ongoing Investigation and Product Testing

Here is a picture of the Freightway Transport locomotive train being recalled.

You may have purchased it as part of the Special Track Pack Set or the Train purchased by itself.

To find our more about the recall and if you have one of the hazardous toys go to the Recall Information page and follow the instructions. Fisher-Price will replace the toy and pay for shipping it appears. If you need additional help or you are not located in the U.S. start at the Recall Details & Toy Listings page.

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