August 31, 2007

New GeoTrax Items On Sale and Hiding on Amazon

I have been surprised that more of the new GeoTrax releases aren't available on Doing a search for "geotrax" you will see the following:

* Grand Central Station Starter Set
* Rope 'N Ride Ranch

and that is really it.

So, I started looking into this a bit more and was able to find the following:

* Bull and Bruno Remote Control Train Set
* Alpine and Will Remote Control Train Set
* Chop 'N Haul Sawmill

I have provided links to Amazon to make these easier to find. Right now the following sets are also on sale and the great thing about Amazon is that if you spend $25 or more you can enjoy FREE Super Saving Shipping.

I still can't find the two other new remote controls sets (Knight and Sir John & Smokey and Jose). If anyone has any luck let me know by posting a comment.

Have a great holiday weekend...

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