March 4, 2009

Follow the GeoTrax Blog on Twitter

Do you use Twitter? Did you know that I have set up a geotraxblog account on and would love to meet up with other fans of GeoTrax. Start following me today using the following link...

For those of you who don't know what Twitter is, let me see if I can explain. Twitter is a form of 'micro-blogging' that allows you to post short messages (140 characters or less) to the web. People who are interested can choose to 'follow' you and be better informed about some of the day-to-day things you are doing.

What does this have to do with my GeoTrax blog and why should you care? On my blog I try to narrate the worldwide community's passion for GeoTrax--a pretty lofty goal. This includes shopping deals, layout ideas, videos and more. There is far more going on then I will ever have time to create proper blog posts for.

Twitter gives me a way to capture little pieces of GeoTrax news and info as I encounter it and immediately publish it to the web so other GeoTrax fans like you can be informed in a more timely fashion.

The following video does a great job describing Twitter in plain English.

I hope to see you on Twitter so you can get the full story of my GeoTrax blog and see what goes on between blog posts.

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