December 1, 2008

GeoTrax Holiday Wish List 2008

Happy Cyber Monday! Are you looking for the perfect GeoTrax set for the train fan in your life? I have put together for you a list of the hottest GeoTrax sets for this holiday season.

Only on eBay
* Grand Central Station Track Layout Manual (Vol. 6) - NEW!
* Train Table Series Track Layout Manual (Vol. 7) - NEW!
* Creative Layout Manual--Workin' Town Layouts (Vol. 5)
* Creative Layout Manual--Table Top Layouts (Vol. 4)

Brand Spankin' New from Fisher-Price
* GeoTrax Take-and-Go Zoo

New GeoAir sets from Fisher Price
(be sure and check the "More Buying Choices" on the right-hand side of the resulting page for best prices)

* GeoAir High-Flyin' Airport In Stock with FREE shipping
* GeoAir Blast-Through Barn
* GeoAir Fly-By Bridge
* GeoTrax GeoAir Mega Set
* GeoTrax GeoAir Loopy Loco Bi-Plane (Remote Control Airplane)
* GeoTrax GeoAir Blue Flash Jet Plane (Remote Control Airplane)

Classic Sets--Reissued
* Mile-High Mountain
* Mt. Blast Construction Set

Starter Sets
* Grand Central Station Award-winning!
* Tracktown Railway
* Workin' Town Railway

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Anonymous said...

In December 2008, two brand new Track Layout Manuals were released and are available on eBay. Vol 6 (Grand Central Series) and vol 7 (Train Table Series).

Vol 6 has ten layouts that all use the Grand Central Station set. One of these layouts is a "Mega Layout", 99" x 93" ( not for the faint of heart).

For those of you who want layouts to fit on a train table, vol 7 has ten layouts that all fit on a commercially available train table manufactured by KidKraft. These ten layouts are all 48" x 33" or slightly smaller.