November 12, 2008

More GeoTrax GeoAir Demo Videos

There is a lot of great content recently posted to the web that gives you a first hand look at the new GeoAir sets and what they are like. The Fisher-Price website now has a GeoAir Section with some great demonstration videos.

You can check out the GeoAir Bridge, the GeoAir Airport and the Blast-through barn. There is even a video demo of how you can connect all the new GeoAir sets together to get the most fun out of your GeoTrax collection.

See GeoAir in Action: Click here.

A Cool GeoAir Fan Video
Aidan, a real live GeoTrax fan, was also kind enough to make this great layout including all the new GeoAir sets and post a video of it. Check it out...

Where to Buy
If you are looking to buy any of the new GeoAir sets here are some links (be sure and check the "More Buying Choices" on the right-hand side of the resulting page for best prices):

* GeoAir High-Flyin' Airport
* GeoAir Blast-Through Barn
* GeoAir Fly-By Bridge
* GeoTrax GeoAir Mega Set
* GeoTrax GeoAir Remote Control Loopy Loco Bi-Plane
* GeoTrax GeoAir Remote Control Blue Flash Jet Plane


Michael said...
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Michael said...

Another video of just the barn...airport coming in December. ;)

carsfan1630 said...

i like this ill be checking this out