September 28, 2008

GeoAir Remote Control Loopy Loco Bi-Plane w/Darren - GeoTrax

I am a little slow to post this but for the sake of being complete, I thought I should add a post for the new GeoAir Remote Control Loopy Loco Bi-Plane with Pilot Darren set.

GeoAir RC Loopy Loco Bi-plane & Darren

The RC planes, like the RC Trains, are free wheeling as they head down hill. This plane is sure to come with some fun, realistic sound effects as well. You can also check out an animated video of Loopy and Darren on the Fisher-Price website.

Here are some pictures available on the Fisher-Price website...

* Loopy Loco and Darren doing a loop - see them in action
* Close-up of the GeoAir remote controller
* Darren rides along inside the Loopy Loco Bi-plane
* A close-up of the GeoAir airplane riding on the air track
* Another picture of the Loopy Loco and his pilot Darren
* GeoAir fun as Loopy Loco rides the air track

I haven't seen this in real life yet but I do have one does Darren stay in the plan when it goes upside down? Their must be some way to secure him but I can't figure it out from the pictures.

GeoAir RC Loopy Loco Bi-plane & Darren - Remote Explained

Learn more about this GeoTrax GeoAir RC by checking out the Loopy Loco Bi-plane instruction sheet.

If anyone wants to shoot a video of Loopy and Darren in action and post it to YouTube, Flicker or some other site I would be happy to show it off here on my blog. Just post a comment with a link to your video...

Buy it today:GeoAir Remote Control Loopy Loco Bi-Plane with Pilot Darren.

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Anonymous said...

Funny you would mention that. I thought the same thing until I purchased the duo for my three year old son at Christmas. You need to fold Darren's legs so he sits in the driver's seat of Loopy. There is an instrument panel that securely snugs him in the plane. for much safer flying fun for everyone.