September 26, 2007

Fisher-Price GeoTrax Toys -- Buy 2 Get 1 FREE Sales

Just a quick post to make you aware that now through this Saturday (9/29) it looks like Toys "R" Us and Fred Meyer stores are both having a Buy 2 Get 1 FREE sale. This might be the last sale like this before Christmas. Basically that is like a 33.33% off sale with the catch that need to buy three things.

And wow, it looks like Toys "R" Us is also providing FREE shipping for the last three days of the sale.

This is a great deal. I have been eying the new exclusives at TRU...should I splurge and buy the Blue High Chimes Clock Tower, The Red Rainbow Suspension Bridge and the New GeoTrax Fire Station with Fireman Figure? I am feeling tempted...

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