April 29, 2007

GeoTrax Remote Control Train - Alpine & Will - New Release

Here they come, we will soon have trains with the same forward and reverse action as the already released bulldozer and dump truck.

It looks like Fisher-Price is playing to one of its strengths and introducing action figures to go with the GeoTrax train sets. As a kid I spent hours playing with my fisher price people...I think the camping/safari set was my favorite.

My son likes to play with his Galactic Heroes (mini Star Wars figures) while playing with his GeoTrax. They ride in the train cars, climb the mountain in the Mt. blast Construction set and use the GeoMotion Water Tower as their Storm Trooper base.

I think my kids will really like the new figures.

For more details check out the GeoTrax Remote Control Train with Alpine & Will Instruction set.

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