November 4, 2006

GeoTrax New Releases - Lift 'N Load Quarry, Bulldozer & Dump Truck

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More new releases from Fisher-Price just in time for Christmas. All three are great additions to your construction set.

First is the Lift 'N Load Quarry. It looks like a really cool set including a conveyor belt and a spiral shoot for the rocks to roll down before being loaded onto a train or truck. It also comes with the new T-track piece. Here is a picture from the Instruction Sheet.

Lift 'N Load QuarryImage Credit: Fisher Price: GeoTrax Lift 'N Load Quarry Instruction Sheet.

Two new remotes are being released a Bulldozer and a Dump Truck. Even more exciting is the fact that they now come with a reverse direction option. That's right, using your remote you can make them go forward AND backwards. Check out the new remote style.

GeoTrax remotes with reverse optionImage Credit: Fisher Price: GeoTrax Instruction Sheets.

These look like fun, the dump truck even has real dumping action. Here are some pictures from the Instruction sheets.

GeoTrax BulldozerImage Credit: Fisher Price: GeoTrax Bulldozer Instruction Sheet.

GeoTrax Dump TrackImage Credit: Fisher Price: GeoTrax Dump Truck Instruction Sheet.

Both of these remotes interact well with the new Quarry...

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