January 25, 2006

New 20 Piece Track Pack - Finally More GeoTrax Track

I think Fisher-Price is starting to catch on...people love track and they want more of it to build bigger and more exciting track layouts. They have been pretty quiet about this release but you can find a new Expansion Track Pack that contains 20 pieces total--12 of which are track pieces.

You get a right switch piece, a left switch piece, 4 half straight pieces, 3 regular straight pieces, 2 curved pieces and 1 crossing piece. Plus signs and trees to add color to your layouts.

See pictures from Fisher-Price here

Image 1
Image 2


DI_Dad said...

My biggest hang up with Fisher-Price is the seem to refuse to sell on the Mattel replacement part web pages individual right or left turn switch track pieces and the track packs and sets seem to favor the left. Have you seen "right switches" ever sold separately?

- Eric

Owner said...

I think looking on ebay might be your best place to watch. Set up a customized search that will notify you of new listing. You may want to set up a couple searches like geotrax switch, geotrax switches, geotrax y track, etc. Yes, FP could make more money being more creative with the track packs they sell.